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ARA Orlando February 2010

We enjoyed seeing many of you at the Orlando Tents & Events Seminars on Draping & Advanced Lighting! We had great attendance and a lot of positive feedback.

In the draping seminar, John showed various methods for using materials, how to create rosettes, and how to easily light from both beneath the draping and by having lighting directly shine on the face of the draping. He also emphasized the importance of keeping hot lighting (eg. standard par lights) about 12″ away from any fabrics used. Even if the fabrics are flame retardant, which laws require, they may melt from the heat of standard par lighting. He also showed the ease of lighting with the new Higher Power LEDs. The tent was beautiful, and everyone walked away with a renewed confidence in being able to offer an extra service to their customers!

In the advanced lighting seminar, John showed our attendees how simple it can be to use lighting. The really nice part of lighting today is the newer Higher Power LEDs. Many of these lights have programming capabilities built in along with color change, sound activated, and other programs already on board. They are really easy to use and make a bold statement on any event. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a customer request their lighting match a specific color, and you could do that for them? These LEDs provide millions of colors and are finally affordable. Visit our Lighting Fixtures page to see new recommended fixtures.